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At USA Drivers Inc, we are always on the lookout for qualified, focused and experienced CDL Drivers in Atlanta and throughout the county. USA Drivers is headquartered right here in Metro Atlanta, with our main office located in Norcross, GA. Do you think you have what it takes to be a USA Drivers Trucker?

Yes, we do expect a lot from our drivers, but we offer a lot too. We want both our drivers and clients to have the best experience possible. Our team specializes in truck driver staffing and placement. We welcome you to check out our jobs board and to apply online. Here are a few featured job openings:

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3 Major Health Risks for Truck Drivers 2016-10-12T13:08:20+00:00
Trucking is an amazing job, offering great flexibility, freedom and financial stability. Still, there are many concerns that truckers have based on their profession. One major concern is health. There are unique health risks associated with truck driving that truckers should be aware of. Staying aware and being proactive is important to staying healthy and optimizing your work environment.

Here Are 3 Major Health Risks Truck Drivers Should Be Aware Of:

1. Depression & Mood Disorders: Long hours on the road alone can sometimes take its toll. If you don’t take steps to promote proper mental health, depression or other psychological problems can surface. Make sure you stay in close contact with family and friends and always have a solid support system in place. Also seek professional counseling whenever you feel it may be needed.

2. Sleep Deprivation & Disorders: Sleep is important to EVERYONE. As a trucking professional, sometimes setting up healthy sleep patterns may be challenging, but this issue should not be taken lightly. It is important to never drive sleepy, get a full night’s rest every night and adjust your routes and schedule to accommodate your needs.

3. Heart Disease: Heart health is very important and closely related to weight, exercise and diet. It can be very tempting to eat convenient fast foods and minimize physical activity when you are a trucker. It is imperative to make healthy food choices that include fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Truckers also need to stay active and exercise regularly.



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Attention CDL Truck Drivers: 3 Reasons You Should Work For USA Drivers Inc 2016-10-12T13:08:20+00:00

We are a leading truck driver staffing & placement agency based in Atlanta, GA. We work diligently to match you with driving positions that meet your personal and financial needs. Our vast experience and network within the trucking industry allows us to customize your placement. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and enjoyable work environment for all of our drivers.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should work for USA Drivers:

1. Flexible Scheduling & Continuous Work
2. Comprehensive Benefits
3. Referral & Sign-On Bonuses
Our truck drivers can tell you much better than we can. Take a look at this video…
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What Kind Of Truck Drivers Do We Look For At USA Drivers Inc? 2016-10-12T13:08:20+00:00
Our reputation is built on our commitment to offering the best service, drivers and solutions in the industry. “Our People Make The Difference”, is our slogan and much more. The truck drivers we employ are a reflection of our business and brand. That is why we are selective in our hiring process.
When hiring drivers, we look for truckers who:
  • Are Certified Class A or Class B Drivers
  • Can handle specialty jobs
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of verifiable driving experience
  • Possess a positive attitude and superior work ethic
  • Focused on continued education
  • Open to new challenges

If you are interested in hiring our drivers or joining our team, contact us today. Here are a couple of recent reviews from drivers:

“I used USA Drivers for years, great company with strong morals and great management. I have a will continue to recommend this company to everyone.”
– Steven B.
“I’ve been with USA Drivers a long time and I am very proud to be a CDL driver with them.”
– Chop V.

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