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FMCSA Compliance Manual Changes expected in June 2018

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On June 22, 2018 (pending any potential delays), changes will arrive to the medical certification process due to the “Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration” final rule that was published on April 23, 2015. The biggest change is that CDL/CLP holders will no longer have to provide their medical certificates to the state licensing agencies because that information will be transmitted automatically. The following is an overview of the changes arriving June 22, 2018:

  • After an exam, the medical examiner will need to upload the exam results to the FMCSA by midnight of the next calendar day. The FMCSA will then upload these results to the driver’s licensing agency, which then must post the information to the CDL/CLP driver’s driving record (MVR) within one business day.
  • For CDL/CLP drivers, the MVR will be the only official proof of medical certification. CDL/CLP drivers and their employers, therefore, will not need to have the paper medical card, but the employers must promptly obtain a new MVR after each new medical exam (the 15-day window will no longer exist).
  • Because the CDL/CLP driver exam results will be transmitted through the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, there will be no need for employers to show separate proof that their medical examiners are listed on the National Registry.
  • Non-CDL drivers will need to continue carrying their paper medical cards at all times, and their employers must keep a copy of the cards on file and must verify the National Registry listing of their medical examiners.
  • Examiners will need to inform drivers when they are deemed medically unqualified, and that this information will be reported to the FMCSA. When the FMCSA gets such a report, it will invalidate any medical cards previously issued to the driver and will electronically transmit this report to the driver’s state licensing agency.

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