CDL Truck Driver Placement & Staffing Services

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CDL Truck Driver Placement, Staffing Services & Recruiting

Casual Truck Drivers

Casual truck drivers are ideal for many situations. These drivers are available for casual runs, including a single day or a short term assignment. We screen our drivers to your specific requirements. Our casual truck driver program is designed to allow our clients to utilize our services to fill the need generated by vacations, sick days or just the need to fill an unexpected run or help with increased volumes.

Temp to Perm Truck Driver Program

Our Temp to Perm Driver Program allows our clients to utilize a quality driver and get to know their abilities and dedication before making a final hiring decision. Once you have decided on a driver and work him for 18 consecutive weeks and with a minimum of 720 hours, that driver can become your employee without any additional costs to you.

24 Hour Customer Service and CDL Drivers

Our Customer Service Representatives and CDL drivers are available to our clients 24 hours seven days a week. In 2013 we averaged 22 minutes from the receipt of an emergency after hours call to the dispatch of a qualified driver to fill that emergency need. We recognize that in the transportation industry these situations do happen and our clients need a resource to help them in an emergency situation. We focus on offering CDL truck driver placement, staffing services and recruiting solutions to meet all our clients’ needs.

Truck Driver Recruitment Program

Our truck driver recruitment program is designed to streamline your hiring process. We will screen our database for drivers who match your specific qualifications. You will receive a complete DOT compliant file on the candidate. You interview the candidate and once approved you are able to hire that candidate directly and only pay a one time recruitment fee.

Truck Driver Leasing Program

Our Full service Truck Driver Leasing (FSDL) program can save you money, time and stress. You can reduce your transportation costs significantly by replacing your full time, high cost workforce with a lower cost flexible workforce and get the same if not higher quality performance. You can eliminate workman's compensation costs and claims, unemployment taxes and claims, payroll processing, recruiting costs, drug testing, DOT driver compliance and just pay an hourly rate with our truck driver leasing program. Best of all you remain in total control while eliminating costs and hassles.

Free DOT Compliance Audits

Our DOT Compliance Audit is free to our clients and is designed to identify potential problems with your driver records and files and reduce possible fines from a DOT audit. We will come to your facility and audit your processes and procedures along with your files and records and suggest specific corrective actions to ensure DOT compliance.